Museum brand and artwork licensing

We have already signed a number of well-known European museums and
artists in order to provide professional licensing management and planning
services. We can arrange a thorough review of authorised products and
promotional sales channels, to ensure the absolute highest quality. In
addition to this, the licensee will be provided with training support in
areas such as design and marketing, to ensure there remains a long-term
cooperation and clear communication between the licensor and licensee.
The museum and the artist will also reserve the right to examine and
approve these services.



Museum Licensing


We asked the question of how museums can reach a wider audience in today's age. The answer is through story-telling; Whether it is via a product, a location-based experience, or a digital-driven interaction, a unique story is always the key that can open new doors for people to enter the aesthetic world of a museum in their everyday life. To do this, we work with museums to extend their brands into the public, using their exclusive licensing rights to artwork. We manage all aspects of licensing projects and seek out suitable commercial collaborations for our clients so they can reach the desired audience. 


Amongst our portfolio is the famous Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Through our partnership we have allowed the museum to produce exclusive online merchandise. In less than 3 years time, we have successfully developed over 10 product categories. More than 20 licensees from brands, retailers, as well as manufacturers have joined this exciting journey with us to promote art and cultural heritage to as many people as possible.


Within the first 6-Month launch of our Van Gogh Museum Licensing Program, online exposure reached 100 million PV, and product sales exceeded 1 million euros. Examples of products include homeware, stationery, fashion, jewelry, and technology accessories. 


Artist Licensing

We pride ourselves in providing support to unique artists who wish to break into the international art market. As a means to advocate cross-cultural collaboration between China and Europe, we specialize in promoting Chinese artists in the West and the European artists in the East respectively. As our company has grown, we have widened our network to accommodate representing Western artists locally. Our services include advisory roles, exhibition curation, and exhibition promotion.

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