Göxwa's hometown is located in Malta, where she began studying painting at a very young age, attendeding the Saint Martins College of Art in London. Years later, she moved to Boston and took a film studies major at Emerson College. Since her first solo exhibition in 1993, her work has appeared frequently at many international exhibitions and has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Strasbourg and San Francisco. Ġoxwa currently lives in Paris, and her exhibition continues to attract the attention of countless admirers and collectors. As a new-age artist, Ġoxwa does not agree with the classification of art in the traditional sense, but firmly believes in a rich and varied tradition and does not stick to any established creative technique. In her creation, she uses the palette knife to blend oil paints and wax paints on the canvas to pay tribute to the mural techniques hundreds of years ago. Just as wet mural technology requires great skill, speed and foresight to anticipate the solidification of gypsum, the unique medium used by Ġoxwa is short-lived and requires the artist to control it to a certain extent. Ġoxwa has a keen eye for color, and her palette is rich and bright, full of bright gems, and with elegant contours and touching strokes, Ġoxwa's works are born. The brilliance of the works in her works is in stark contrast to the layers of life experience reflected in the works. The artist metaphors the poetic ancient times, briefly evoking long-term time scenes, and weaving the memories of the past into a vibrant modern sense. Its practice highlights a positive historical relativism that reflects the memories and diversity of the artist's childhood in the Mediterranean land.


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