Ding Li (1964), a contemporary artist born in China, is among the very few whose talents cover diverse art forms like painting, sculpture, and photography. From 1981 to 1986, Li studied art and design, meanwhile working in the commercial sector for proceeding years. In 2000, Li initiated his first solo artistic venture with a mural studio in Taiyuan City. He created many stunning murals for private clients, such as provincial party committees and famous hotels.  Subsequently, Li moved to Beijing and opened the Ding Lijun Public Art Studio. From 2001-2006 he created numerous sculptures for public social organizations. His sculpture ‘Harmony’ was permanently exhibited in the Beijing Shanshui Wenyuan District. Since 2016, he has focused on private artworks, pouring his energy into his two-dimensional art forms and paintings. He held an individual exhibition at the esteemed Beijing Today Art Museum, and in 2019, participated at a parallel exhibition for the Venice Biennale, ‘Personal Structures’, held at the European Cultural Center. Throughout his 30 years creating, Ding Li has continued to reinvent himself, seeking for the true freedom of spiritual expression. His works surpass the concept of country, region, nation, religion, politics, and society, engaging both Eastern and Western cultures. Ding Li’s acclaim stems from his ability to depict things from a completely new aspect, which carries his extraordinary emotional code and unconstrained imagination. Li redefines the concept of abstract art and extends the range of it to infinite possibility. So he constructs his visual works, unique and impressive

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